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Shaw Fanaian managing director of Ironman Security studied civil engineering in California and became a successful building project manager for many years. In 1996 Shaw arrived in Sydney Australia with the idea of starting a business in the Design, Fabrication, Installation and the Repair of Steel Security Doors, Steel Window Grilles, Balustrading, Gates and Railings. In December 1996 Ironman Security was established.

Ironman Security provides a traditional and contemporary steel/wrought iron fabrication facility. Ironman Security is based in Marrickville Sydney. Ironman is conveniently central to its large base of Sydney wide clients. We are able to deliver our very highly finished, personally fabricated wrought iron and steel security products to the wider Sydney community. 

Ironman's main product is the design, production and installation of Steel Security Doors, Steel Security Window Grilles and matching Railings, Ballustrades and Gates. Our main goal is to provide you with a timely, accurate and quality service that leaves you feeling well served and satisfied that your property has now been both improved and made safer.

Who we are?
Ironman Security is a second generation steel fabricating company who specialises in Steel and Wrought Iron Security Products. We produce Steel and Wrought Iron Security Doors, Window Grilles, Gates, Railings and Ballustrading and service all of Sydney.

What matters to us?

Ironman Security is well known for producing the finest steel security products and wrought iron work. The impression we leave you with is important to us which is why we go beyond to make sure you are more than satisfied with the results.

How we fabricate steel security products?
Ironman Security works from a small steel fabrication factory in Marrickville. We buy all our steel and wrought iron locally. We fabricate all our steel and wrought iron products in house. We also provide hot dipped galvanising for weather protection. Additionally we can offer powder coating of your security products a wide variety of colours in the full colourbond range. All our accessories such as doors and locks are sourced from quality local suppliers.

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